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Medisun sun protection skincare range

The sun, source of all energy, can be good for your skin, but only in small doses. Prolonged exposure can have instantly harmful effects, like sunburn, but more importantly, in the long term, it can cause skin cancer (melanomas, carcinomas) and skin ageing.

For a long time, it was believed that only UVA and UVB rays cause these harmful effects. While these are very powerful rays, we now know that visible light and infrared rays also contribute to photo-induced skin ageing. From ultraviolet to infrared, all rays penetrate the skin to varying depths. It is therefore essential to protect yourself from all of the sun’s rays (UVA + UVB + VL + IR) and to choose your sunscreen carefully, so that you can expose your skin to the sun in complete safety.

The range MEDISUN was formulated to provide EFFECTIVENESS, SAFETY, SENSORIALITY AND COMFORT to the whole family*.


Protect my skin from the sun rays with safety

Thanks to suitable suncares for all skin types and for the whole family*

The range MEDISUN guarantees a maximal sun protection (UVB + UVA + Visible Light + Infrared) thanks to its photostable, water and sweat resistant formulations, along with invisible or tinted finish, light and non greasy textures, making them a real pleasure to use.

*Adult and children from 3 years

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