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Sensitelial skincare range for dry skin

Dry skin is frequently sensitive and reacts more readily to daily aggressions or to certain factors (heat, cold, hard water, spicy diet, emotions, certain cosmetic products, etc.).  A dry skin has lost its ability to retain water and tends to be taut, to flake, to cause itching sensations, etc. Dry skin requires special attention to restore its comfort and well-being. The Sensitelial range includes gentle and effective solutions for repairing, moisturising, soothing and protecting the driest and atopy-prone skins. 

Sensitélial dry skin

Moisturises and soothes dry skin

Thanks to high-tolerance care products suitable for both children and adults and formulated for both face and body.

The Sensitelial range durably restores the hydrolipid film and confers immediate and durable skin comfort to dry and atopy-prone skins.

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