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Sensitelial skincare range for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is uncomfortable and fragile, and reacts in an excessive manner to daily aggressions or to certain factors (heat, cold, hard water, spicy diet, emotions, certain cosmetic products, etc.). it is taut, tingling, red, etc.

Pale skins are most frequently affected, though all skin types may be concerned: normal, oily, dry or combination. Sensitive skin requires special attention to restore its comfort and well-being.

The Sensitelial range includes gentle and effective solutions for moisturising, soothing and protecting the most sensitive skins. 


Rapidly soothes sensitive skins

Thanks to effective care products containing active substances rigorously selected to respect the skin.

The Sensitelial range gives concrete results for sensitive, reactive and redness-prone skins, with care products designed to be tolerated even by the most sensitive skins and to provide durable softness and comfort.

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