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Sedacalm anti-itching skincare range

Pruritus (medical term for itchiness) is defined as an unpleasant sensation that leads to the urge to scratch (1). It can occur in many circumstances and may be caused by exogenic agents (chemical products, medicinal products) or be solely neurogenic or psychogenic.

It can be a cause of physical suffering but also emotional suffering and can have repercussions on the quality of life. Although scratching can relieve itchiness in the short term, it can aggravate the situation in the long term. It is therefore important to use suitable products.

(1) Misery L. Le prurit: des avancées physiopathologiques considérables. Med Sci (Paris). 2014; 30:1123-8.


Break the viscious cycle of scratching

Thanks to our skincare range, which aims to soothe itching of the body and scalp.

Faced with an irrepressible urge to scratch, we only want one thing - to soothe the itchiness, which is just what the Sedacalm range can do. Our research has resulted in the development of a targeted and effective skincare range to soothe itchiness and improve the quality of life for those affected. X-CALM complex is the magic ingredient in the Sedacalm range. It gives an immediate cooling effect and a lasting calming effect.

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