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Vitix Vitiligo depigmentation skincare range

Vitiligo appears as white patches on the skin of the body or face. It is a disease associated with the disappearance of melanocytes, the cells of the skin responsible for producing melanin (the main skin pigment). Vitiligo patches do not cause any physical sensations: they are not itchy, the do not burn and are not painful. The condition is not contagious, but individuals suffering from vitiligo are looking for effective solutions for regaining a uniform complexion.

Vitix is a product range dedicated to persons suffering from Vitiligo and which offers concrete and effective solutions. A genuine relief for individuals concerned.

Vitix Viticolor

Corrects depigmentation marks

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Our specific range offers a combination of well-tolerated solutions that genuinely improve the quality of life of persons affected by this benign, though frequently poorly perceived ailment.

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