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Rosakalm anti-redness skincare range

Hot flushes, erythrosis, couperosis, rosacea, etc. Redness of the face may occur in different ways. Those redness are the mark of certain sensitive skin characterized by excessive reactivity of cutaneous vessels. Therefore, sensitive skin, whatever their type, react very quickly to certain factors such as wind, cold, spicy diet, irritating or unsuitable products, etc.

Although initially temporary and not too troublesome, if not taken seriously, this redness may become permanent, unsightly and will persist with age. It is important to act as soon as the first signs appear by using skin care products suitable for sensitive and reactive skin so that the redness does not become permanent and does not get worse.

The Rosakalm range offers effective anti-redness solutions, which respect the skin and can be used in combination with dermatological treatments.


Soothes and protects sensitive and reactive skin

Thanks to a range of complementary anti-redness skin care products, formulated to meet the specific needs of sensitive skin susceptible to redness.

ROSAKALM is a range designed to target hypersensitivity and to improve skin tolerance.  The skin care products have been specifically developed to decrease redness, immediately and lastingly soothe discomfort, providing daily protection and to gently cleanse the skin.

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