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Sebionex skincare range for oily skin

Spots, blackheads, oily skin, shiny skin, imperfections, etc.

Oily skin often ages better, but is subject to more or less severe imperfections:  dilated pores, shiny appearance, blackheads, blotchy complexion. Do not lose hope. The Sebionex range is capable of correcting all problems encountered. Some products can be used in supplement to medicinal treatment for acne.

As dermatology specialists, we focus on providing innovative solutions adapted to each oily skin profile, to restore their balance and clear appearance. The complexion becomes radiant and fresh, treatment observance is facilitated.


Sanitises and purifies oily or imperfection-prone skins

A range specifically designed for oily and imperfection-prone skins 

Gently reducing excess sebum production in oily skin: such is the challenge of the Sebionex range. From cleansing to moisturisation, via exfoliation, we have a series of solutions for restoring the balance and radiance of oily skins. For the most severe cases, our care products can be combined with medicinal treatment.

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