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Sunlight is good for the morale, but not for the skin. If not covered by full-length clothes and/or by an effective sun cream, prolonged exposure can cause not only sunburn, but also, in the long-term, skin cancer (melanoma, carcinoma) and skin ageing. It is therefore important to select a protection factor suited to one's skin type, the type of sun exposure and geographical area (altitude, etc.), to apply the cream generously and to regularly renew this application, particularly after sweating, swimming or having wiped the skin. The Sensitelial Sunscreens range proposes adapted solutions for protecting the most sensitive skin from the dangers of the sun.

Sensitélial sunscreens


Effective sun protection for the most sensitive skin, including under extreme exposure conditions, with textures suited to all skin types

The Sensitelial range guarantees optimum UVA-UVB sun protection for sensitive or chemical filter-intolerant skins, thanks to high-tolerance, water-resistant and photostable formulations, along with textures adapted to your skin type, making them a real pleasure to use.

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